Automotive Staffed Sales

The success of your automotive staffed sales events relies on getting interested buyers on the showroom floor the day of the event. We understand that high response and timing is everything, so we often utilize proven copyright protected programs that can be delivered quickly. We have worked with automotive ad agencies and staffed sales event teams for the past fourteen years across the entire United States.

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We are your automotive direct mail partner.

Let us be your secret weapon. Have the confidence your direct mail program is being executed perfectly.

Unique copyright-protected programs + highly targeted lists + perfect delivery timing = reoccurring revenue for you.

Your dealerships will order more often and order larger programs when you work with AMG.

Better data means better results at a lower investment. Make sure your well-crafted message is delivered to a targeted and accurate mailing list. A well-selected and clean mailing list is vital in making sure that your design achieves the best results possible.

We procure our consumer; saturation; year, make, and model; and other automotive prospecting lists directly from the list-source compilers.

You can get licensed to sell our copyright-protected programs and using them will far out-perform your competitors selling to the same clients. In addition, after 14 years of providing automotive direct mail campaigns, we know how to take a program you created and apply our best practices to increase the response rates to your programs at a lower cost. Our objective is to increase sales for your client while simultaneously increasing your profitability per campaign.

The dealership will be highly impressed with how you integrated their current offers into your mail campaign. Your AMG team will handle the printing process from start to finish, and nothing will be sent out unless it has your signed approval. We make this part of the process simple and easy.

Because we are centrally located in Oklahoma, Allegiant Marketing Group can quickly ship to anywhere in the continental United States. An online tracking system verifies your direct mail campaign’s location and delivery throughout each stage of the mailing – right down to the post office dock and mailboxes where they are hand delivered to. When it comes to sales events, timing is everything, so we understand the importance of getting mail sent out on time and letting you know when it has landed.

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