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AMG works as an extension of your business. We operate in the background providing you with the best list possible, making sure you are making the biggest impact for the lowest price, printing your piece to your specifications, and mailing your piece with quality control and on time.

Getting your design printed and delivered to the right mailboxes gives you more time to focus on what you do best.

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Advertising Agencies

As an advertising agency, your specialty is producing intelligent strategies and persuasive creative work that communicates your client’s brand and product or service to their customers. Direct mail is a powerful advertising tool. Take advantage of all of the methods and processes we have discovered over the past 14 years that drive up response rates and sales while reducing costs. Partnering with AMG will make you and your clients more successful.

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Marketing Agencies

Your marketing agency goes out into the marketplace to get results for your clients. You already know that direct mail can deliver results, but you might not have experience – or the time – to handle everything that goes into a direct mail campaign. That’s where AMG comes in. We can act as your partner to execute your direct mail campaign to help you deliver results to your clients.

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Corporate Communications

Your ability to run successful direct mail programs that get delivered on time is essential to your department’s success, but you’re working within a budget that probably isn’t getting bigger. You need to get your mail out in a cost effective way. Whether your mailings are marketing for your company, reports to investors, or an internal newsletter, AMG can be your direct mail partner to help you take advantage of USPS rules to make sure you get the lowest shipping costs possible.

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Staffed Sales

The success of your staffed sales events rely on getting interested buyers on the showroom floor the day of the event. We understand that timing is everything, so getting your mail delivered on time is a top priority. When you work with AMG, you can use our copyrighted direct mail programs – which you can only find at AMG – that are specially designed to get people at the dealership the day of your event.

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Political Consultants

For over a decade, Allegiant Marketing Group has run the direct mail marketing programs for more than eighty political campaigns. 86% of our candidates have won. We have never lost a race for an incumbent and we’ve been integral in unseating several. We grade the voter based upon frequency of voting and what type of issues they vote on and strategically pinpoint those who are likely to empathize with your message.

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