How to Save Money on Postage: Take Advantage of the DDU

It’s time for the final blog in the “How to Save Money on Postage” series. You now know how to save money by being well-informed when choosing between using First Class or Standard Mail and the difference between machinable mail and automation. We’ve also covered the astronomical differences in price between machinable and non-machinable mail.

Now it’s time to explain how the destination delivery unit (DDU) will save you money, and how to navigate restrictions related to it.

Flats Only

The thing to keep in mind is that you can only drop flats to the DDU, and even then it must be for a saturation mailing. Even saturation letters are ineligible for DDU shipping. The reason for this is that saturation flats do not require DPS further sortation, and can be delivered by the DDU. Since it does not need machine sorting, it can be delivered by DDU.

DDUs no longer have equipment, so if your mailings need sortation they would have to be sent to SCF to do so. Sending a piece to a DDU means lower price categories are offered. It’s a win-win because the mail piece will also be delivered more quickly to homes than a shipment to an SCF. All you have to do is know what all of the restrictions are on saturation flats, or know someone who does.

Armed with that knowledge, you and your clients will be able to deliver mail pieces more quickly and for less.

The only thing left to decide is if someone within your organization is best suited to handle this responsibility, or if it would make more sense to bring a well-established outsourced direct mail provider aboard like Allegiant Marketing Group. Either way, DDU savings are out there!

Eric Weisgarber

Eric Weisgarber is the founder and President of Allegiant Marketing Group, Inc. His calling is helping business professionals grow their gross profits, net profits, and cash-flow through through marketing services, systems implementation and consulting. His business calling is aligned with his life\’s purpose – developing people and serving the community through discipleship.


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