Be Strategic When Selecting the Size of Your Direct Mailpiece

Save Money on PrintingHow to Save Money on Direct Mail Printing

After covering the important cost saving role that size plays in saving money for direct mail marketers we’re going to revisit the topic and discuss other methods to increase your bottom line. That’s the tricky thing about direct mail marketing— it takes a deep understanding of each component and part of the process, from design to delivery in order to unlock maximum savings.

Whether it is knowing the differences between letter and flat rate postage or how to design your mailings to reduce or eliminate printing scrap and extra press sheets, it pays to be informed so that you can design for maximum savings on both postage and print. Different campaigns require different processes to do so, and the paths to savings are rarely well lit.

Beautiful can be Smart

To gain customer loyalty and come out on top in competitive bid situations your design has to be on point. Printers often print multiple pieces from one press sheet. This is how maximizing press sheet size significantly affects cost.

For a small-scale example: Imagine a basic small printer that can produce 8.5 x11 or 11 x 17. You can either produce eight small 4.25 x 5.5 postcards or four 5.5 x 8.5 from an 11 x 17 sheet, with no remainder or unused paper.

Add an eighth of an inch in any dimension and all of a sudden the number of postcards you can fit on that press sheet goes down.  Fewer postcards per sheet equals more sheets equals more paper equals more money – all for an eighth of an inch.

This same scenario applies no matter how big the press, no matter how big the press sheet, and no matter how many postcards you are running. There is always a set of “best” sizes to use.

At this point you might be thinking, “Why would anyone in their right mind opt to design their campaign in a way that would waste paper and money?”  The reason is simple—they are unaware.

To avoid leaving money on the cutting room floor, you must either be great at designing mailpieces that meet the right spec/aspect ratios and all the other things we’ve discussed in mind, or you’ve got to work with someone who is.

That’s where Allegiant Marketing Group can help. We’ll guide you from the get-go, and help you produce mailpieces that will print and ship most cost effectively.

How to Save Money on Printing
Part 2: Take Weight and Type of Paper into Consideration


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