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The size of your mailpiece is important. So is choosing the right paper for your piece. There are two reasons that paper selection matters in direct mail marketing, one weight-based and the other more aesthetics oriented.

We’re going to discuss both. With an understanding of how to select the right paper type and grade for the job you will be able to select pieces that not only look great, but can also be printed and mailed in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Is Cheapest Always Best?

Higher grade paper is more expensive. It can also jack up printing costs. That requires little explanation. What does is the fact that lighter isn’t always better, and that there are times when investing more upfront is a wise move

Knowing how to present your offer best is vital, and the USPS is the best resource to consult with if your organization currently lacks an outsourced direct mail provider. Depending on what you’re sending, Standard, Priority, Priority Mail Express or other classes could offer the most bang for the buck. Having this knowledge in hand when creating a concept, designing with paper type and weight predetermined, and coming up with a winning call to action and the best way to send it are all big pieces of the puzzle.

Think of Business Cards

If you have ever been handed a flimsy business card that looked very budget and had a website advertisement splashed across it, you know the impression you get from that person is less than stellar. When the lowest grades and types of paper are insufficient for your campaign, it’s time to find the middle.

By that we mean selecting something with a good price point that feels durable and quality. Your materials need to find that sweet-spot niche of being nice but not so nice that it costs too much.

The message, size, purpose, and design are all things to consider when figuring out what’s best to select. For a self-mailer, 80# is the lightest weight you’d want to use. With the USPS being largely automated now, you have to plan for the fact that your mailpieces are going to get run through machines. Make sure they can hold up through this process. Using 100# gloss paper is often a good idea because the gloss coating and color will hold up, and not be nicked, scraped, or bent up by the time it arrives in your targets’ mailboxes.

Another thing to consider is the ‘green’ standpoint. It’s important to care about the planet, and a fiscal benefit of doing so is that environmentally conscious businesses often prefer to partner with others who strive to be green.

Durability, feel, and design complexity are metrics that must be decided upon in advance. Otherwise you run the risk of either overpaying for paper that is higher grade than what the job calls for; or sending out something that lacks the qualities it needed to succeed. Either way, these campaign options are far from ideal.

How can AMG Help you?

If you would like your campaigns to be executed in the most cost effective manner, contact Allegiant Marketing Group. One of our consultants can do a cost benefit analysis that will help you understand and decide what to do.

Instead of trying to make it cheap, AMG makes it work. You need someone who understands it all. If you are less than well-versed on what increases printing and postage costs, consider a partner like AMG as a way to save money. Also consider that we are committed to being green, and to our ongoing partnership with the Dollar-Per-Tree Program.

We know that he only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. For the last 14 years we’ve been surpassing industry averages with our direct mail campaigns. We will show you how to do the same.

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