Boost Your Sales with IP Targeting

By matching home addresses to IP addresses, AMG offers businesses a cost saving tool that lowers cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), and raises campaign ROI!

IP Targeting enables you to advertise to prospective customers on any site the customer visits–whether they are on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop!

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How IP Targeting Works…

Driving Offline Data Online

Advertisements are placed directly on an individual computer by utilizing only that individual’s home or business address.

Our Technology

We don’t use cookies or census block
geo-location. Instead, we use patent-pending technology that maps IP addresses to physical addresses.

Reaching You, Privacy Safe

We help you reach your intended online customer not only with complete precision but in a privacy-sensitive manner, by assigning a unique privacy ID.

Leave it to us! We can help you with your list and design!

Using IP Targeting

The patent-pending process for IP Marketing combines more than 30 public data elements to hyper-accurately map an IP address to a home address. Target exactly who you want as many times as you want with surgical accuracy!

IP Marketing is a great stand alone marketing strategy as well as the perfect add-on to Direct-Mail. Your banner ad should match your direct mail piece for a double whammy of instant impressions!

A Few of the Sites Your Ad Will Be Seen:

Proven Results!

Match-Back with Direct Mail

The control group is the portion of the list that did not have IP addresses available. The Targets are direct mail recipients that also received banner ads via IP Marketing. The increased response from IP Marketing was 108%! Direct mail campaigns with IP targeting are 6-60x more effective!

When blended with a Direct Mail campaign, you can expect to get a 50% append rate with a minimum mailing list of 10,000!

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