Providing Lists and Strategies to Increase Donations

Especially in this economy, your nonprofit clients need to be careful how they invest their money to make sure they can continue to be able to carry out their mission. Direct mail is the most effective nonprofit marketing tool out there, and AMG is your partner to make sure you get the best possible results for your nonprofit clients.

List Segmentation

The success of your campaign will rely on sending your mailpiece to the right list. We can make sure your get the most out of your mailing by helping you select a list that will generate donations for your client.

Here are just a few ways you can filter your list:

  • People who have donated to similar nonprofits
  • People with a specific income
  • People in specific age groups

Nonprofit Specific Mail Programs

We have special direct mail programs that make it easy for recipients to quickly make a donation. Once they have donated, our list will be updated to allow you to send a specific message to people who have previously donated to your client so you can target effectively.

Call us today at 800-648-3107 or contact us using our simple online form for a free consultation.

Marketing Coordinator

I have been so impressed with how on top of things they are at AMG. They have always taken such good care of us. Every time we do something they find a way to make it better – to cut costs or improve on it in some other way.

Marketing Coordinator, Pediatric Hospital

I think that AMG’s number one asset is that they are quick. I never have to wait too long to hear back from them. In addition, they provide very personalized service and they are very reasonably priced.

Franchisee, Fortune 500 Fast-Casual Restaurant
Marketing Director

Not only do you get great customer service. You get it with a smile. You can feel it on the phone. You can feel it in their emails and you can see it on their faces when you deal with them in person... Even when we put them in a bind, they are still upbeat and positive.

Marketing Director, Technology Institution
Political Consultant

They take pride in what they are turning out because they know that they are making an impression on the voters ... It is a thoughtful process not just ‘let’s see how many pieces of mail we can turn out.

Political Consultant, State Political Campaign

We have done mailings for mortgage companies that have produced results every single week for six years, even through perilous economic conditions.

Owner, Mortgage and Debt Settlement Marketing Firm
Insurance Agent

I don’t know what our success ratio was, but when the mailings went out the activity in the office increased – that’s what we were looking for.

Insurance Agent, National Agency

As an organization, our core values are to do the right thing, to demonstrate willingness to help and a desire to win – to play by the rules and win big. AMG seems to share the same core values.

Executive, Automotive Wholesale Marketing Firm
Local Advertising Network

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