Automotive Direct Marketing for Ad Agencies, Staffed Sales Event Teams, Marketing Consultants and Brokers–

Grow Sales Revenues With AMG As Your Partner!

Our clients hire us because we specialize in providing results-driven direct marketing programs that will help your automotive retail clients consistently experience incredible sales events!

We offer multiple direct mail programs – many copyright protected and licensed concepts that you can’t get anywhere else. For example, you may receive exclusive market rights to use our Mystery Mania©, Silver Bullet© and Black Book© campaigns that repeatedly bring your clients response rates of 1.5% and higher. Our direct marketing campaigns translate into $100-250K per sales event in gross sales on a 10-20K piece mail campaign. Our Augmented Reality Direct Mailers are guaranteed to excite your clients and the results keep them addicted to staying with you long-term!

Marketing That Sells Cars

AMG’s programs are designed to increase your net-new clients, the average transaction value they spend with you, and the frequency in which they order successful marketing products and services from you. Hire us to be your consultative direct marketing partner that grows your sales revenues with producs and services that does the same for your clients too. We guarantee our results!

The Best Direct Mail Programs In The Country:

  • NEW! Augmented Reality Member Card Mailer (link)
  • Mystery Mania (Walk-Ins Sales Event)
  • Conquest & Database Events
  • Silver Bullet (Confirmed Appointments Event)
  • Display 8 Page Black Books
  • 11×17 Self-Mailers
  • Over-Sized Postcards
  • Service Department Card Mailers (w/Augmented Reality Key Fobs)

Automotive Direct Marketing That Works

Augmented Reality Direct Mail Sets Sales Records At Dealerships

Stretch your imagination and experience the newest and best revenenue producing add-on available today in direct mail. Through Augmented Reality (AR), our innovative direct marketing team can make your direct mail pieces come to life and even add 3D animated objects on top of them.

Through the latest techniques in 3D modeling and computer animation, we’re integrating digital marketing technology with traditional direct mail marketing. Our Augmented Reality Direct Mail Campaigns allow your targeted mail recipients to watch your commercials, flip through a slideshow of new and pre-owned inventory and interactively inspect the vehicle they want to buy in 3D.

Contact us to learn more about how targeted automotive prospects are demonstrating a 34% interaction-rate with our augmented direct mail campaigns and setting sales records at dealerships. Get our media kit. It has live examples of our augmented reality capabilities. (Click Here to order your augmented direct mail campaign now)

eBlasts Campaigns That Gross $15-$20K

Dealers often achieve gross sales of an additional $15,000 – $20,000 with AMG’s Premier eBlast campaign. When this eBalast campaign coincides with a direct mail program the sales revenues from the event are optimized! Send up to 1,000,000 opt-in compliant emails today. We design, link the dealership’s inventory to the eMarketing piece and provide ROI tracking and reporting with every order. Click Here to order online now!

Closer Crates, ROI Measurement Tools and Specialty List Subscriptions

Colossal Closer Crates – Everything the showroom, vehicles and sales team needs to display an exciting, colorful event to optimize sales. Click here to order: Registration Forms, Assorted Rich Color Balloons, Mirror-Hanger-Discount-Tags and “We Owe You” Forms! Click Here to order online today!

IVR + Call Tracking + PURLS – Track every online interaction and inbound call generated from your marketing campaigns. We set up a unique website that retrieves direct responder’s full contact information and helps qualify your prospects prior to setting an appointment for them to meet you. Order with any direct mail campaign or independently by calling now!

Bankruptcy Leads – Did you know that 37% of people discharged from their BK buy a car within 90 days of their discharge date? And over 75% purchase a vehicle within 1 year after discharge! Click Here to run BK counts for free, order just once or sign up for a monthly subscription.


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What Our Clients Are Saying about Us:

Marketing Coordinator

I have been so impressed with how on top of things they are at AMG. They have always taken such good care of us. Every time we do something they find a way to make it better – to cut costs or improve on it in some other way.

Marketing Coordinator, Pediatric Hospital

I think that AMG’s number one asset is that they are quick. I never have to wait too long to hear back from them. In addition, they provide very personalized service and they are very reasonably priced.

Franchisee, Fortune 500 Fast-Casual Restaurant
Marketing Director

Not only do you get great customer service. You get it with a smile. You can feel it on the phone. You can feel it in their emails and you can see it on their faces when you deal with them in person... Even when we put them in a bind, they are still upbeat and positive.

Marketing Director, Technology Institution
Political Consultant

They take pride in what they are turning out because they know that they are making an impression on the voters ... It is a thoughtful process not just ‘let’s see how many pieces of mail we can turn out.

Political Consultant, State Political Campaign

We have done mailings for mortgage companies that have produced results every single week for six years, even through perilous economic conditions.

Owner, Mortgage and Debt Settlement Marketing Firm
Insurance Agent

I don’t know what our success ratio was, but when the mailings went out the activity in the office increased – that’s what we were looking for.

Insurance Agent, National Agency

As an organization, our core values are to do the right thing, to demonstrate willingness to help and a desire to win – to play by the rules and win big. AMG seems to share the same core values.

Executive, Automotive Wholesale Marketing Firm

Call AMG today at 800-648-3107 or contact us using our simple online form to schedule a free consultation.

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