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Hiring AMG delivers you both a mentoring relationship and a hands-on implementation partner that teaches your team the strategic business management concepts and systems needed to achieve long-term growth. We help you grow the leaders in your organization to accomplish what we refer to as the Triple Bottom Line.

You want to grow your company’s profits, people and purpose. We focus first on simultaneously increasing your gross profits, net profits and cashflow through sales, marketing, and CRM system implementation. We invest in your team through business acumen lessons relevant to their position and stage in life so they may become a greater asset to you and also reach their personal goals. And lastly, we help you define and rally your team to serve a purpose even greater than the products and services you provide the marketplace.

Profit produced by a culture of people with great character serves you, those who work for you, and the community that needs you most!

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You Will Learn How To...


Increase Your Company's Net New Clients!


Increase Clients' Average Transaction Values!


Increase Frequency of Purchase!

Learn all this while simultaneously increasing your gross profits, net profits, and cash flow!

What You Will Gain Through AMG Consulting

  • You will learn the five focusing steps of on-going improvement and fundamentals of strategic business thinking processes as they relate to your business. We help you set goals, identify intolerable problems, diagnose the root causes of those problems, design a plan for eliminating them, and assign the tasks to execute a winning strategy.

  • You will learn, implement, and achieve at creating ongoing improvement systems for your sales and marketing, inventory control, and product/service distribution.

  • You will learn how to create specific, methodical, and consistent behaviors in your team members that allows you more freedom while the company continues to grow.

  • You will learn principled techniques for successful conflict resolution on both a business and a personal level that results in your raising highly productive leaders.

  • You will learn how to gain real-time, actionable knowledge about every key metric and step taken by individuals throughout your organization to ensure your business remains a growing success after AMG’s consulting services are no longer needed.

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AMG’s business consulting services begins by contacting its President, Eric Weisgarber, for an initial discovery conversation.

Whether you need to simply fine-tune a specific area of your business or believe it needs improved companywide—it starts with a conversation.


Business Influences

AMG’s consultants have studied many of the great business leaders of both past and present. The concepts, systems and training that you and your team will receive is based on the very best lessons learned by these individuals. We provide the teaching and summary materials needed to transfer the knowledge gained from these authors and business leaders so that you and your team may achieve your goals!


Steve Forbes
Chet Holmes
Ray Dalio
Sergent Brin
Larry Page
Ernesto Siro
Richard Branson
Zig Ziglar
Rupert Murdock
Charles Duhigg
Henry Ford
Steve Jobs
Oprah Winfrey
Barbara Corcoran
Lee Iacocca
Jim Collins
Eli Goldratt
Phil Knight Nike

Peter Diamandis
Bill Gates
Warren Buffett
Tim Ferris
Jay Abraham
Anthony Robbins
Napoleon Hill
Chet Holmes
Seth Godin
John D Rockefeller
Commodore Vanderbilt
J.P. Morgan
Thomas Edison
Jeff Besos
Andrew Carnegie
The Bible
Steven Covey

Dale Carnegie
Edwin Friedman
Andy Stanley
John Maxwell
Eric Schmidt
Sun Szu
Peter Drucker
Thomas Stanley
Norman Vincent Peale
Gil Boyne
Robert Cialdini
John Wooden
Charlie Munger
Maxwell Maltz
Charles Van Doren
Stuart Chase
Simon Sinek
John Brooks

Daniel Lapin
David Sandler
Peter M. Senge
Donald Rumsfeld
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
Abe Lincoln
Mark Cuban
Benjamin Graham
Roger Fisher
William Ury
Milton Friedman
Marcus Aurelius
Ayn Rand
Jack Welch
Marc Benioff
Dr Jordan Peterson
Elon Musk


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