Understand How Ink Affects Direct Mail Prices

How to Save Money on Direct Mail Printing

Color sells. People are attracted to bright and shiny things. As we discussed during our How to Increase Response Rates blog series, making your mailpiece and the CTA stick out is important.

On the flip side, our most recent blog in this series states the compelling reasons that there’s more to achieving success as a direct mail marketer than just choosing the nicest or most expensive mailing options and specifications. You’ve got to know what your objective is, and then identify what will provide you and your clients with the most impact.

Strategic Use of Color is Key

Splashy color mailpieces are classier and nicer. They convey a level of seriousness and dedication to making the offer that suggests you’ve got a pretty good service or product to offer. Full-color CMYK mailpieces cost more, so the key to maximizing profits and response rates when designing your campaign is to figure out where (if anywhere) it’s OK to go with black and white or with a one or two color piece.

Should your CTA jump off the page in full color? Most likely.

Does the recipient’s address need to be printed in the same fashion? Probably unnecessary.

The things you want to focus on particularly should be in color, but elements like contact forms and address lines can often times be done in black and white without negatively affecting the end product’s look and feel.

Find where to save by going with single color options, and where you should go the full-color route. If your organization lacks a go-to contact who has these answers, perhaps you should consider finding one today.

Allegiant Marketing Help you and your Clients Save Money

AMG has been creating campaigns that outperform industry standards and benchmarks for 14 years. We know how to make it look best whether black and white, full color, or somewhere in between is the medium.

Request a catalog today, and let the pictures describe how great these pieces look!


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