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Direct Mail CampaignDirect Mail Savings 101: Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final class meeting on Direct Mail Savings 101. You’re now well informed on why it’s so important to keep your list clean, and to target using demographic data. We’ve also offered guidance on how to make the most out of your saturation list campaign.

For our final class, we’ll explain how to go the extra mile to make your direct mail campaign a hit. It takes willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the response rates and ROI you’re looking for, and that often times entails thinking outside-the-box to find new ways to make and save money.

Why You Need to Go That Extra Mile

‘Going the extra mile’ is a very positive sounding phrase, but there’s a lot more to this concept than just saying something that sounds good to your business partners. In order to earn new business, it helps to do a few things that will make your services stick out from the pack.

A principle way in which you can go the extra mile and offer your customers more than your competitors is to rise above simply being an order taker. It’s somewhat easy to do what a client instructs you to. What takes more skill and dedication is to come up with ideas and execute them.

Analyze every part of the campaign. From the paper to the piece to the shipping, there are ways to cut cost and get your partners the highest profit possible. Also, offer price transparency, and an explanation of costs to your partners…rather than just giving them a figure with no other information.

An Example of How to Go the Extra Mile: Targeting Homeowners

A recent example of thinking outside-the-box to uncover savings involves the saturation lists we discussed in Part 3 of this series. In order to improve targeting accuracy and maximize profit for a partner, Allegiant Marketing Group used GoogleEarth satellite maps to scan through carrier route maps and identify which routes were most suitable for their campaign.

With that in mind, lists were created to target high income head of households. By targeting home addresses with $100K+ annual income using a saturation list, they were able to guarantee no mailpieces would be sent to unqualified buyers.

Wrap Up

AMG works exclusively with agencies. We offer all the services described above to our partners (including GoogleEarth carrier route map analysis), and we will you help generate sales and responses. Get in touch with us today.


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Eric Weisgarber

Eric Weisgarber is the founder and President of Allegiant Marketing Group, Inc. His calling is helping business professionals grow their gross profits, net profits, and cash-flow through through marketing services, systems implementation and consulting. His business calling is aligned with his life\’s purpose – developing people and serving the community through discipleship.


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