Grow Your Business By Increasing Your Sales Revenue, Net Profits & Cashflow with Salesforce CRM—Custom Built for Your Business

Salesforce Client/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) automates and streamlines workflows making your people incredibly productive with their time. AMG programs your Salesforce CRM to get your business more qualified leads and helps your sales team convert them into revenue faster. It helps you provide excellent real-time customer service, lowers your cost of goods (COGS) throughout the organization and gives you actionable reporting exactly when you need it!

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What Makes Salesforce CRM Perfect for You

You Can Automate Almost Anything

Automate marketing communications, sales team activity, sales pipeline workflows, real-time reporting and integrate with other systems throughout your organization.

It Evolves, Just Like Your Business

When your business changes, your Salesforce CRM should too. Add new data protections and features to your cloud and upgrade as you grow.

It Simply Works Like a Charm

Find what you need, when you need it—customer info, leads, invoices, estimates, status on jobs, communication—the whole 9 yards.

Connect all of your departments through one centrally used software that stores all information—safely in the cloud!

Businesses Using Salesforce CRM Experience...


Increase in Leads!


Increase in Sales Revenue!


Increase in Customer Retention!


Faster Integration of Business Apps!


Breakdown of Potential Savings:

Before CRM
After CRM

This is an example of potential savings. Your experience may vary.

Your sales team is able to spend this extra time doing what they do best—make more sales! Let Salesforce CRM do the heavy lifting!

The one thing that every organization needs to accomplish its goals is increased revenue! A custom-built Salesforce CRM system helps make your throughput, or “the rate at which the system generates money through sales,” run at maximum speed. Your Salesforce should be designed to help keep the right amount of inventory, or “all the money that the system has invested in purchasing things that it intends to sell,” as low as possible. And Salesforce is meant to hold down your operation expense, or “all the money the system spends in order to turn inventory into throughput."

Sample Pricing:

Below are sample packages and pricing for what many of AMG’s clients ask to be developed for their businesses over the past 10 years. Each business is unique and so are its needs, so we understand your business may need something entirely different than these examples below. Whether you need a Salesforce CRM developed from scratch for your young business or your mature business has seen sales volume plateau and you’re ready to scale higher - AMG will build your system, train your team and remain available for support whenever you need it!

Package 1

  • Up to 250 fields with training pop-up descriptions programmed into Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities fields
  • Up to 3 Mail-Merge Agreements
  • Up to 10 Automated Reports
  • 2 Roll-up Dashboards
  • 5 hours of training

Package 2

    Everything in Package 1 Plus...
  • Up to 4 CongaMerge* and DocuSign* Agreements
  • Up to 10 additional Communication Email Templates built with variable field information
  • Up to 10 additional Automated Reports
  • 2 additional Dashboards
  • 6 hours of training

Package 3

    Everything in Package 1 & 2 Plus...
  • Email Templates built with variable field information
  • Content Marketing Funnel and Micro-Targeted Campaign System
  • 5 Marketing Reports, and 2 Marketing Dashboards.
  • 7 hours of training

Package 4

    Everything in Package 1, 2 & 3 Plus...
  • SalesforceIQ Inbox* integrated for up to 10 users
  • 15 hours of training

*NOTE: Third party Salesforce applications sold separately.

A sales team needs a system that has all of the information they need to move forward, without having to spend a ton of time looking for it. That's more time to close deals.

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